Hello world!

Welcome! Please bear with me as I try to get everything ready for launching this site…. I”m so excited!!! I am SO looking forward to having this launch I can’t even express it in words!!! You will be able to purchase paints, accessories, home decor, vintage finds and other random, quirky and cool oddities. You will find, I hope, inspiration in these pages and in the blog posts to find your style and turn your own house into a calming, peaceful and comfortable home. Well- I can’t promise peaceful… hopefully you’ll have better luck with that!

Many plans for this blog. I will be sharing some of the big projects I’ve been working on with my husband (things like a total rehaul of the backyard, kitchen redesign, laying new floors, painting our stairs- and there are a LOT of stairs…),  lots of DIY home improvement, design ideas, ideas about using things you find or may even have on hand in a totally different way, decorating our home and the process of how that goes… sprinkling in some posts about the joyous and not so joyous moments in life… you know, the typical stuff we all have going on but don’t always share. I’m like that- an over sharer.

I just turned 40 this summer- yikes! Mentally, I am stuck in my 20’s, physically I think I’m hovering somewhere between 30’s and 70’s depending on the day and what projects I have been working on :). I am married to a wonderful (most of the time) man with many talents,  a landscape/ hardscape designer being one. He’s also pretty amazing at woodworking… that comes in handy for sure and its pretty cool. I have 4 children aged 20, 19, 10 and 8. Issues? We have a few… but in all honesty who doesn’t? Its all relative.  We live in Rock Hill, South Carolina though I was raised in Atlanta and born in Italy (no, I’m not Italian). I have 4 brothers, yes I’m the only girl, and each one of them are pretty amazing if I do say so myself. My mother, to me, is the epitome of what a woman should strive to be. I fall short of that on a daily basis, but I try! She has an absolutely amazing sense of style and design. And what a cook! Mouth watering. 5 stars for sure. My father… I can’t say how much respect and admiration I have for this man. He is amazing. I was so blessed to have such fabulous parents and am so thankful for them. Of course they’re not perfect. They, too, are humans (which I recently realized lol!!). They have always supported and encouraged me, guided me without me even knowing it~ that’s how god they are, laid down the law no matter how much i fought it, let me make my own mistakes and were there when I found my way back. Seriously- amazing people. Though I’m sure they will never read this, mom and dad- thank you.

I have a small business here in Rock Hill where I sell antique and vintage pieces, refinish furniture, teach classes on how to refinish and different decorative paint techniques and basic DIY repairs, I carry the fabulous Possum Hollow Farms Soap Company soy candles ( one sniff and you will be devoted for life), soaps and other organic and natural products handmade by the very cool husband and wife team there. I know I sound like an infomercial but seriously people- their products are so incredible. the scents are so clean and fresh, the soaps don’t dry your skin or leave a filmy residue. the insect repellant? A must have especially here in the south. Try it and you, too, will be hooked. I love the hunt.. I love picking! Give me an old abandoned factory or barn in the middle of nowhere and I’m in heaven. But keep the snakes away or I will scream like the girl I am. My personal style is really eclectic. I love almost all styles (aside from Asian and contemporary, though I admit there are some small pieces i do incorporate into our home from time to time). I am a habitual re-doer. In the nature of my business I come across some really cool stuff and who am I to tell the universe no? This leads to an ever evolving change of decor and arrangement in our home. My husband comes home and instead of noticing a change, he notices if there ISN’T a change! Ha!!

I am a certified retailer and educator for Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint line as well as the brand new to the market line of  Fusion TM mineral paint. Just wait until you see what you can do with these paints!!! Almost ANYTHING, that’s what! Primitive, chippy, distressed, sleek, modern, metallic…. there is no limit but your imagination! I love to refinish and paint.. its like therapy for me. But way cheaper


So…. I hope my ramblings haven’t scared you away. I hope you will come back and check out this site when its truly up and running.  I hope you will also follow me on Instagram and Twitter @HiddenCharmHome. i’m on Facebook, too, of course! Hidden Charm

Please leave suggestions and things you would like to see on this blog. I would truly love to hear from you!!!!

Well…. that’s it. I probably should have planned what I was going to write, or at least given it a moments thought. This is my first post, after all. BUT~  as you’ll see, thats kinda not me…


Happy Weekend!!

~ Pia

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